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Friday, March 20, 2009

This weekend is booked solid. It's going to be great! I was going to take Monday off, but because of work stuff, it would be better to wait until Friday, so that's cool.

Tonight I'm going to do my usual Friday night raid. It probably won't be anything exciting. Just killing the same old bosses I've been killing since January. No new bosses tonight, maybe Sunday though.

Tomorrow I'm going to yoga class at 9 a.m. I really hope I can get out of bed and get there. It's going to my first class with the owner of the studio who is supposed to be REALLY good. I just hope that since it's pretty early for a weekend day that it won't be too crowded. Ana might come to that class with me next weekend, so I have to make sure the teacher is Becky approved first hehe.

Then I'm going to go see "He's Just Not That Into You" with Ana and her new roommate Stacey. I've never met Stacey before, but I hope she doesn't tell me that my thyroid is jacked up or that I'm high risk for diabetes. Hehehe she's an endocrinologist. Also I'm going hiking with Matt either tomorrow or Sunday. I don't know yet since he's incapable of making concrete plans. :-)

Sunday is either house work or hiking. Then I have yoga class at 2:00 with my regular teacher, but this will be my first time going on Sunday. She said this is going to be more advanced than her evening classes that I've been going to regularly. Ooooooh exciting! After that, another WoW raid where I hope we will kill a new boss so I can get phat loot.

Ana is awesome. I like her a lot. Almost as much as I like Becca, but Becca is super cool.