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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gel Nail Polish

Exactly one year after I got super excited about getting a gel nail polish kit, and I still love gel nail polish enough to continue putting toxic chemicals on my skin for it. (Acetone isn't that bad right? Right?)

Also, I finally tried a brand other than OPI and I love Finger Paints brand gel polish. If you're thinking about getting a gel polish set, I would not recommend a starter kit.


1. The cuticle oil is B.S. Just use coconut oil or lotion.
2. The bonder is B.S. It's just another coat of goo.
3. The nail cleanser is B.S. It's just rubbing alcohol.
4. If you love doing your own nails, you have a bunch of nail files and buffers, so you don't need the one it comes with.

What you actually need:
1. a good LED light (getting 5 fingers instead of 4 under it would be nice)
2. a base coat
3. a top coat
4. 10 or 20 colors. :)
5.  rubbing alcohol (always wipe the nail with alcohol before the base coat and after the top coat)
6. lotion, coconut oil, or cuticle oil

For removing it in 2 weeks
1. cotton balls
2. acetone
3. foil