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Sunday, March 17, 2013

How to Make Buffalo Chicken Salad

1 pound of chicken
20 oz. of romaine lettuce
Frank's Hot Sauce (about 3 oz. depending on preference)
1 tomato
parmesan (or feta or bleu) cheese
caesar dressing (not the creamy kind)

bacon bits
hard boiled egg

Handy Tools:
large salad bowl
medium bowl (enough to hold the chicken)
salad chopper
tongs or salad tossers
flexible cutting mats
George Foreman Grill
Microwave Bacon Cooker

1. Cook chicken. I used the Foreman grill. It takes a few rounds to cook all the chicken, so I multitask that with steps 2 and 3.


 2. Chop tomato.

3. Cook and chop 2-3 slices of bacon.

4. Cut chicken into small pieces and put into medium bowl. Pour about 3 oz. of Frank's Hot Sauce into the bowl and spread evenly onto every piece of chicken.

5. Put Romaine lettuce in large salad bowl. Add chicken, tomato, bacon, and hard boiled egg, and then toss the salad.

 6. Chop with the salad chopper.

7. Add croutons, cheese, and caesar dressing. Toss the salad again, and serve.

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